Large Safe with Electronic Lock

Model # PS-515-12

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Personal Safe with Electronic Lock can Easily be Programmed by the User with a backup key override. Available in Black.


California DOJ-approved firearms safety device.
Approved by the California Department of Justice as meeting their standards for firearm safety. Electronic lock has an easy to read key pad and includes a low battery warning light. Time out period after 3 incorrect combination attempts. Back-up key is included.
Includes 2 live action locking bolts and concealed hinges.
Solid steel, pry resistant door has concealed hinges and 2 steel live action locking bolts.
Adjustable shelves are included.
Includes a removable shelf. Foam padded bottom and shelf.


  • Exterior Dimensions: 15" W (38cm), 11-13/16" D (30cm), 11-13/16" H (30cm)
  • Shipping Weight: 34.15 lbs.
  • Interior Capacity: All storage plus 1 removable shelf
  • Number of Shelves: 1
  • Locking Points: 2-Live Action Bolts
  • Master Carton Dimensions: 15" W, 11.81" D, 11.81" H
  • Color: Black
  • Notes: When storing firearms it is recommended that safes be bolted to the floor, a shelf or wall for added security.


Waste of $$

JAMES DUTTON July 14, 2012

Got this safe at a local store, didn't find out the back up keys didn't fit it until the battery went dead after 4 months. Now my spare laptop disks and personal papers are locked in with no way to get them but drill baby drill, last stack on product I will ever buy. Have had the same luck with an electronic lock gun safe, access key broke off in lock drill baby drill!

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Ollie August 4, 2012

This safe does everything I need it to do. I mounted it in my closet permanent shelving area, where it would be near impossible to remove without serious tools. The batteries it came with were only good for a year or so, so I replaced them when the red light came on, with no trouble. Keys also work fine; I have had no issues with the safe.

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Best Purchase Ever

Happy Customer October 1, 2012

I have used 2 of these safes for years and couldn't be more happy. I have kids in the house so I bought one safe to store my guns and the other to store the loaded magazines. I've never had a problem opening the safe with the digital keypad or the keys. I came onto this site today to pick out which safe I want to buy for my office at work and I was drawn right back to this safe again. If you want to avoid the problem that the reviewer above had, check your keys as soon as you get the safe and change your batteries twice a year (just like your smoke detectors).

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great product

mike February 14, 2013

I bought this product at a local sporting goods store almost a year ago. I use this safe daily,and would buy another one.This a great product.

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Great Little Safe

Mark December 3, 2012

I purchased this safe 3 years ago and it has operated Flawlessly. I'm adding a few more handguns to my personal protection collection and began looking for safe options for another room. This safe is perfect, so it looks like I will buy a second unit to meet my needs. I particularly like this line of safe's keypad entry system. I can choose any code that I want. The price is also reasonable and a good value.

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Excellent Buy PS-515-12

SoCal November 17, 2013

Broke my normal SOP and read the manual -- setup was simple. I secured the keys prior to setup and locking ceremony, no problem. Perfect size, weight, color, price, meets Cal DOJ requirements, and is inconspicuous. Perfect companion for the main safe.

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Bob May 1, 2013

Like most of the others, I have no complaints about this safe. Solid, mounts easily and securely and access is quick and easy. As for Ollie's complaints... Perhaps he could explain how he managed to install his safe in the first place since the first thing one must do is UNLOCK THE SAFE USING THE KEY PROVIDED and insert batteries, etc. Sounds like either he knoweth not what he talking about or he broke a key or lost a key. I gotta call BS on his complaint.

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Oops... My last comment was for James Dutton

Bob May 1, 2013

Sorry, not Ollie's post that bothered me, but James Dutton's. Sorry Ollie, you and I are in agreement.

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