What if I have lost my instruction sheet?

Instruction sheets and product manuals can be found here or you can contact our Customer Service Department at 847.665.1602 Monday to Friday 6:00 am – 4:00 pm Pacific or by emailing customerservice@stack-on.com to request a copy of your instruction sheet.

How do I order a new backup key?

In order to get a key replacement for your Stack-on safe, you will need to fill out this form. In our continuous pursuit of excellence, we have recently updated our key replacement process and the entire process is able to be completed online without ever having to pick up the phone or mail in a check!

Is there an opening for installing a dehumidifying rod?

On Stack-On’s non-fire safes there is a hole in the back of the safe that can be used as an access point for installing an electronic dehumidifying rod cord. The Stack-On fire resistant safes are not equipped with an opening. We recommend using a dry desiccant or battery operated dehumidifier.